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A man that becomes a president is a man that is not qualified to lead the people. Leaders don’t run for office, and as long as the masses believe they do….the world will never change.

Some of you’ll been voting for years and tell me what have you got? You got fake food, fake news, fake money, fake healthcare, fake education and fakebook.- The King

I Am Jesus Christ SuperStar

Hello, people….we are living in crucial times. Our technology as Einstein feared is surpassing our human interaction. Nowhere is this more important, more critical, than with music. Years of autotune, electronic dance music,  sampling,  rap and an industry that feeds us cookie cutter music and personalities, etc., has severed a spiritual bond between man and heaven and I believe we are on the precipice of becoming the robot with the artificial intelligence we have been trying to create. I also believe what Dan Akroyd  (Blues Brothers 2000) said. He said ” turn your backs and you snuff out the fragile candle of Blues, R&B and Soul. When those flames expire, the light of the world is extinguished because the music which has moved mankind for decades will wither and die from abandonment and neglect “. What the elite fear most is a truly independent and intelligent artist. Let’s give them what they fear. Join me in this epic battle between good and evil. Join the revolution. I know that I am able to help lift humanity and help carry us through these times, which are about to be upon us. Help me help us all.  Click the link to go to my Patreon page.

WHISTLEBLOWER – feat. MC Ed Snowden [RAP NEWS 19]

Warning: Explicit Language
I’m not a fan of rap and I have never posted any rap on my blog but check this out for a brief change of pace. – The King

Armed citizens force officials to back down

kDisclaimer: My posting of this story does not apply any agreement or disagreement with the author or his views or the actions of the citizens in this story. I’m simply passing on this incident to my readers because I like to keep them informed of what’s happening in the world.  I must add though that the fact that I have to post a disclaimer and the fact that those citizens felt the need to do what they did is indicative of the true state of affairs in my country regardless of my personal views and that’s just reality.

Armed citizens force officials to back down – National Conservative |

Sandy Hook : Busted Wide Open

This is interesting. Personally I cannot disagree about the fact that there are many discrepancies and inconsistencies in the medias story. No question about that.

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