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The TRUTH Why Modern Music Is Awful

I can’t argue the points this fella puts forth. As a matter of fact, I agree wholeheartedly. – The King


Mind Control? Scientists Have Discovered How to Use Nanoparticles to Remote Control Humans

The Silent War

534456_448239931861625_1378787776_n Ok…last night I was looking at keyboards (music) that can be played into and recorded via the computer. Today I see ads for keyboards and singing everywhere I go. Now…in contemplating this “advertising made just for you” phenomena I understood the very serious and deadly ramifications…and consequences.This modern day advertising is quite horrific actually. Not even talking about the blatant intrusions on privacy or the straight up abuse of rights etc. This is about the ads themselves. At first it seems petty much harmless as the ads may even have value but if one is able to think “around the corner” he/she is horrified because they see how seamlessly and totally unnoticeable “the takeover of ones mental faculties can occur. One day ads are helping you find what you’re looking for and then the next they are telling you what you are looking for. The average foolish human will immediately quip that what I just said is bullshit but I tell you that those type of people are the most easily programmed and controlled just as a con man or master criminal ( no I’m not a criminal…..although I am a master?) will tell you that it is the “mark” ( what con men and women call their victims) that is highly intelligent that makes the best sucker. The intelligent person (and/or the ones who think they are intelligent) are the ones most easily susceptible to cons, scams, gimmicks and such.Their pride will not allow them to suspect that perhaps they in reality…in the larger scheme of things….perhaps they really don’t know much? Yes…the ads without changing (intrinsically) and without trying begin to assert dominance in your unconscious mind. The ads don’t change. You do. Your subconscious and unconscious “receptors” and “stimulations” change? The depth or weight of what I’m trying to convey cannot be measured unless to say that understanding the whole of what I’m saying is the difference between life and death.The mind is indeed the battlefield for the war of all ages and that war is silently, skillfully, stealthily and overtly being waged on humanity as we speak. Consciousness as I have stated in earlier writings continues to be usurped via technology. The walking dead and Zombies are more real than one might imagine.In my opinion….out of all the ills of the earth…hunger, crime, poverty, sickness etc….always in the top echelon remains “the technological and subliminal emasculation…. obliteration…of the human mind”. King Business Card

Will Robots Take Over?

Freaky AI robot – YouTube.

Robot Restaurant: A Technological Advance or A Human Defeat?

Science and Technology: So What?

What kind of world do you think this would be without science or technology? I think about this and I come to the conclusion that the world actually might not be so bad and in some cases even better than it is today. I base my opinion on what I know. I cannot base my opinion on what I have been told. Example: They say that Louis Pasteur invented a method to stop milk and wine from causing sickness, a process that came to be called pasteurization.This may be true but then again I do not know? I know they said that Columbus discovered America but I have discovered many writings that say he didn’t and weren’t Indians already where they call America? As a matter of fact I can state unequivocally that pretty much everything I was taught in school was a lie. Even the way I was taught to read and write or do math I have discovered was a lie? A kind of low-grade fuel for the “automobile”. I uncovered faster and better ways to read,write and do math all by myself. I have to cut out all the fat so to speak and deal directly with the meat…so to speak. Heresay regardless of being correct or not is useless in my quest for truth and understanding. So…I contemplate the world and its inhabitants and its necessities and superfluities. I look at my life from birth to present and contemplate society and societies advances and I can easily categorize a few major areas of importance and relevance. Health (mental,physical and spiritual),living conditions,human development. A surprisingly short list? Nevertheless….using this criteria as I analyze the advances of modern society I inevitably come to the conclusion that perhaps we would be better off without science and technology. Example: No technology = no television. No television means I must go outside and be close to mother nature and inside I must be closer to my family etc. Most would say that technology like science has no doubt improved the living conditions of modern man but has it really? People are working harder than ever today to make ends meet…just to get food on the table in many cases and this is in America? Science Example: Science has created vaccinations and other cures for diseases etc right? When I think of how science benefits me directly I can only think of the study I read yesterday that said less educated people are dying younger. Which is a non sequitur (statement containing an illogical conclusion) since a study months ago showed that American high school seniors read at a 5th grade level. Everyone is miseducated so does that count as less education? Does miseducation count as less education? It should. If science has been so beneficial why are people dying younger today? Perhaps I would not have the material comforts that I enjoy today such as a smart phone but then again what good is a smart phone to an intelligent person who doesn’t particularly enjoy talking to stupid people? Perhaps I would not have a nice car to get to work in but I work from my home and really don’t need a car? Perhaps I’d have better relationships with my family,neighbors and community if there were no science or technology? Any thinking person must admit that it seems as if the more advancements are made in science and technology the more the human being becomes distant…less human? It seems to me that since I have been born the only thing I can see from science and technology is that now I’m observed 24/7,they’re experimenting with mapping the brain to determine how to influence (which is a subtle and kind word for control) people,they’re sending crap to mars which I cannot verify,they’ve created social networks to waste my time and herd sheep into cyber cages of their own choosing and they have created better idiot boxes and weapons (to kill the body and the mind) and cell phones to allow people to turn in their neighbor for pissing on his own garage or to report the funny looking guy with the turban to authorities all the while being groped themselves and being concerned that any day the fools in charge will legalize rape. It is 2012 and they can’t solve a drought? No cure for cancer or even the common cold? Can’t solve hunger or homelessness? Yeah…personally I’m not  impressed with either science or technology. Technology and science? So what.

Technology Absorbs Human Conscioussness

Cellphones…usage of these devices require far more research,study and analytical inquiry into the effects on human beings.Since I am attuned to subtlety and since I periodically “remove myself” ” from this world”… I am able to perceive a persons subtle,psychological and behavioral shifts when they have their cell phone in hand.First and probably most obvious to me is that it makes people think they are important and powerful. It is a status symbol. In essence the person “becomes their cellphone?” Their identity is subtly,psychologically inextricably tied up in their cellphone. Is what I’m saying important? Yes! The psychological and behavioral shift is what is important because this shift is towards the robotic and away from conciousness.Over time this shift becomes permanent. Technology absorbs our consciousness. Consciousness is what makes us “human”.Technology is absorbing our consciousness. The day will come when technology has absorbed all the humans consciousness and that day….humans will be the robots and the robots( technology) will be closer to human than humans are to human. Future generations will gradually move this shift more and more towards the robotic (technology) and actually begin life closer to a robot than each preceding generation….I can foresee (without psychic ability)…the day when man shall become a robot and all the science fiction stories will come to pass (robots taking over). Honestly… the robots have already taken over but I hope that some can be reached. Now I am not anti cellphone…not at all…I’m just expressing my concern about what I see. The bible says “they will become as that they worship”. I overstand that this is technology. Cellphones being at the front of a revolution in not just technology…but in consciousness and that is what is important.

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