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How We Enslave Ourselves

Elvis Presley code name; Pheonix MKULTRA 1955 to present.

Farewell Facebook

Well….I think I have come to the end of the road with Facebook. I said from the very beginning that it was mainly of value to social scientists,social engineers and elite rulers. I stated often that it was a cesspool of unfiltered mental madness transferred back and forth without delay between psychological idiots. I have never changed from my initial diagnosis of this social laboratory and as a matter of fact Facebook has only confirmed my analysis to be indeed as top notch as I knew it to be. Facebook admitted to manipulating peoples news feeds and therefore manipulating their minds and emotions. This is no small matter. No…this is not lightweight in stature or depth of profound magnitude. This is mind control. Not only unethical but perverted and devious was Facebook’s experiment. Now they have come out with a new policy which beginning January 1 will intrude further into ones privacy and more so into ones ownership of their own identity? Yes….they will squeeze the life-force from those who sell their soul to continue to be able to “share pictures of cats. So…..I won’t be on Facebook after December 31. I have goals to accomplish. Heights to reach and great feats to achieve. Facebook has become and always has been……a waste of time. Now something could come out of the blue which makes me change my mind and stay. I mean…God might say stay for them (friends) but I hope not. I don’t see it. So…….today……right now……at this moment in time……I bid you farewell Facebook.

The modern day slave is anyone who cannot do math and that’s about 95% of the population

The modern-day \\’slave class\\’ is anyone who cannot do math… and that\\’s about 95% of the population

via The modern-day \\\'slave class\\\' is anyone who cannot do math… and that\\\'s about 95% of the population.

Food For Thought


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