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The TRUTH Why Modern Music Is Awful

I can’t argue the points this fella puts forth. As a matter of fact, I agree wholeheartedly. – The King


Humans Need Not Apply

This is a sobering look at where technology is taking us.

10 Suppressed Inventions

7 Things you never knew existed -Vol#14

The Silent War

534456_448239931861625_1378787776_n Ok…last night I was looking at keyboards (music) that can be played into and recorded via the computer. Today I see ads for keyboards and singing everywhere I go. Now…in contemplating this “advertising made just for you” phenomena I understood the very serious and deadly ramifications…and consequences.This modern day advertising is quite horrific actually. Not even talking about the blatant intrusions on privacy or the straight up abuse of rights etc. This is about the ads themselves. At first it seems petty much harmless as the ads may even have value but if one is able to think “around the corner” he/she is horrified because they see how seamlessly and totally unnoticeable “the takeover of ones mental faculties can occur. One day ads are helping you find what you’re looking for and then the next they are telling you what you are looking for. The average foolish human will immediately quip that what I just said is bullshit but I tell you that those type of people are the most easily programmed and controlled just as a con man or master criminal ( no I’m not a criminal…..although I am a master?) will tell you that it is the “mark” ( what con men and women call their victims) that is highly intelligent that makes the best sucker. The intelligent person (and/or the ones who think they are intelligent) are the ones most easily susceptible to cons, scams, gimmicks and such.Their pride will not allow them to suspect that perhaps they in reality…in the larger scheme of things….perhaps they really don’t know much? Yes…the ads without changing (intrinsically) and without trying begin to assert dominance in your unconscious mind. The ads don’t change. You do. Your subconscious and unconscious “receptors” and “stimulations” change? The depth or weight of what I’m trying to convey cannot be measured unless to say that understanding the whole of what I’m saying is the difference between life and death.The mind is indeed the battlefield for the war of all ages and that war is silently, skillfully, stealthily and overtly being waged on humanity as we speak. Consciousness as I have stated in earlier writings continues to be usurped via technology. The walking dead and Zombies are more real than one might imagine.In my opinion….out of all the ills of the earth…hunger, crime, poverty, sickness etc….always in the top echelon remains “the technological and subliminal emasculation…. obliteration…of the human mind”. King Business Card

Half Of All Jobs Today Will Disappear By 2030 And Other Scary Predictions

Half Of All Jobs Today Will Disappear By 2030 And Other Scary Predictions – Careers Articles.

13 Technologies You Cant Believe Actually Exist

Click on image to read article.

<a href='’>13 Technologies You Cant Believe Actually Exist.

Artificial intelligence will take the place of humans within five years

Artificial intelligence will take the place of humans within five years’ – Telegraph.

I have always said that technology is a Trojan horse?

Will Robots Take Over?

Freaky AI robot – YouTube.

Robots to take over jobs in human service industry


Robots to take over jobs in human service industry, increasing the percentage of unemployed Americans.(NaturalNews) The so-called “service industry” – which includes restaurants, entertainment outlets, retail stores and hotels, among other businesses – has traditionally been one of the fastest-growing employment sectors in the country, even in a struggling U.S. economy. But its workforce could be decimated in the years ahead by the coming explosion of robotics, which threatens to slash millions of jobs much in the way the use of robots have downsized employment in the nation’s manufacturing sector.
“If you meet Baxter, the latest humanoid robot from Rethink Robotics – you should get comfortable with him, because you’ll likely be seeing more of him soon,” according to a March 26 story by The Fiscal Times. “Rethink Robotics released Baxter last fall and received an overwhelming response from the manufacturing industry, selling out of their production capacity through April. He’s cheap to buy ($22,000), easy to train, and can safely work side-by-side with humans. He’s just what factories need to make their assembly lines more efficient – and yes, to replace costly human workers. But manufacturing is only the beginning.” The employment writing is on the wall, and it’s not pretty: Jobs for humans are simply going to become even more scarce in the years ahead, as companies develop – and businesses and manufacturers enlist – more robots to do the jobs that need to be done. That will gut unions, weaken households and boost poverty – except among the privileged elite.

The robots are coming – for your job


Robots to take over jobs in human service industry, increasing the percentage of unemployed Americans.

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