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If you don’t watch any video that I post ever….please watch this one. It is only 2 minutes long.It is satire so it is funny…yet it is so profound.It is exactly how I felt as I watched them continually tell me about the “polar vortex.” Warning: Explicit Language.


No Signal: Greek state TV & radio taken off air due to crisis

Wag The Dog

I remember watching this movie about 10 years ago. Think about this video for a moment. It is very profound.

The Truthseeker: U.S. Is The Worst Place To Live.

If these statistics are true and I personally believe that they are…..they reveal a big time scandal. Time to wake up America. I do not wake up each day and try to find bad news about my country. I wake up everyday and try to find truth. I’m a truth seeker. It’s just a damn shame that the truth I uncover always shows my country in such a negative light. Wake up America. You are leading the world to hell.

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