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Is It My Ego Or Is It Yours

If Jesus came to earth and said ” I am the greatest man to ever walk the face of this earth””….would that be ego? I find that most often when we speak of ego…we are talking about someone else’s ego but really it is our ego and we don’t know it? What I mean is this: If I say ” I am the greatest man to ever walk the face of this earth”….many will be offended and say that I am arrogant and crazy etc but in reality it is they who are arrogant and crazy. Honestly…how arrogant and crazy is it that I cannot be what and who I say I am? It is they who have the ego because like Jesus or any spiritually evolved individual ..I may be speaking my simple truth. Without ego. Their ego tells them that my ego is speaking but in reality….it is their ego that cannot accept my statement because ego is competitive, petty and jealous? Oh…the ways of wisdom. When a person begins to evolve….they are beaten down by the very forces of nature and the universe itself (trials and tribulations) until the person cannot even raise their head without consciously acknowledging that they have indeed been beaten into submission and their own smallness and even nothingness is truly and completely understood. In this way the ego is subjugated to compassion, righteousness and the spiritual path. – The King The Master Logo


You Are A Slave

My Book

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You Don’t Believe In Psychics Huh?

So…..I was reading for this lady at a psychic fair the other day and I said “I keep seeing children”. She said “I don’t have any children”. So I kept on reading her and a few minutes later I said “I don’t know why but something with children keeps coming through”. She said ” I told you I don’t have any kids”. I continued reading her (with the full understanding that it was a full moon in Scorpio). Then I picked up on “children” again so I said “look…I keep picking up on children….you have issues with children”. She said I told you I don’t have any kids. I can’t  have kids. My husband can’t either”. Then she looked at me and sank in her chair as she began to tell me how she had been a foster parent and how they had tried to adopt a child. I told her that now was the time…..

Innocence and Arrogance

When I was growing up I truly had the innocence of a child. Now I don’t mean that I was an angel ( quite contrary)… I mean I believed in God and I believed that anything was possible. I never searched (physically) for a spiritual master (a person who has evolved beyond common man ie Jesus, Buddha etc) but I always believed they were out there somewhere. I don’t ever recall thinking about Jesus (in name) . I always thought about God and he couldn’t have a name or label. I was indifferent to church and religion period… instinctively. I was skeptical of my educational system… instinctively…. even in kindergarten. This is absolute truth. I’ve said it a million times…. I knew my educators could never teach me what I wanted to know. How could they teach me to be great? I honest to God knew that I was great in kindergarten and I say this with the same emotion and conviction as I say I had a chicken sandwich. Now please do not take this as arrogance because the jist of this article is about confusing arrogance with simple truth and it’s dire consequences. My innocence is what allowed me to achieve greatness and this is the whole of this teaching. That innocence is not what people think it is and the arrogance that so offends them only offends them because they are ashamed of their own inefficiencies. They are afraid that their pretenses are exposed.They are afraid that they may have to face themselves at the abyss. It is a psychological defensive maneuver. It is the systems way of shutting down before it “explodes”… before it ” implodes”…before it shuts down permanently. It is irony personified and it is comically tragic like the grown man who is prevented from grabbing the chest of gold by a spider web that blocks the doorway.Yes…it is a mentally and spiritually suicidal ego trip. Your inability to respond to the situation with innocence effectively prevents all chances of valuable exchange and all chances of receiving the gifts of wisdom from a master or the gifts of life from a God. I know there are many charlatans out there but you do not have to be stupid. Do you think you are able to discern a true spiritual master from a charlatan? Do you not trust yourself? No you do not. Do you not trust God? No… you do not. I said I have never searched for a master but I also never thought that I had too. Not because I was a master at the time but because I innocently awaited their teaching. I never even thought of them as masters…they could have been angels, spirit guides, a janitor, hooker or whatever but I knew if I followed the path faithfully they would appear somewhere… someday. Here is a gem of wisdom: One of the major keys to understanding spiritual truths and therefore being able to move forward like a conqueror and not sideways like a crab is the ability to never even consider labels or names etc. (this is extremely difficult and it is a tremendous help/gift if one is equipped from birth with the spirit of a rebel to resist societal programming.) Example… Jesus is a name…. but it could have been swimming pool or Marques. It is irrelevant to the discipline and the disciple. Muslim, Hindu, Christian…. yada yada…. all labels…. all irrelevant. I knew that a master would appear whenever I was ready. I believed a master was always there even though I hadn’t met one. This innocence always made my interactions with people come from the place where I would always think… “you never know who you are entertaining.” This attitude paid off many times. I have never met a living master but I have met them through their words and I have met many people on many levels who have taught me many things on many levels. The attitude of ” you may be entertaining angels” is indeed the way we should all meet and greet. I refused to let petty jealousy or ego tripping get in the way of my search for God in reality and not in the abstract. If someone would have walked up to me and said they were God… I wouldn’t have been put off…. I would have been hoping it was true. I would have listened with my innocence…my innocent ears. I would have listened with my innocent intuition which could never fail. I would have looked with my innocent eyes and I would have honored with my innocent curiosity and my innocent intellectual and spiritual yearning. So….go figure… noone has ever walked up to me and said they were God but people have walked up to me and said that I was God. Once a one legged man hopped over to me while I was sitting at a water fountain soaking up the sun…I must have closed my eyes because before I knew it he had hopped over to me, kissed me on the forehead and said “you are the son of God.Once… an astrologer (whose mother shook hands with Adolph Hitler) fell down before me weeping and kissing my feet. I need not make up stories people…. I am The King. Those who are able to read my writings with innocence are blessed indeed.

Free Will : Yeah Right

Nothing is free. Even freedom has a price. I am constantly amused by the human condition. Especially their so called intelligence. I have a beautiful dog named Tiger. My last dog was a rottweiler named Jesus.  I used to get up every morning and say “Jesus… come “… I’ll never forget the day the minister told me that my dog (Jesus) ran up behind him and took his chicken sandwich. Even now it makes me chuckle. I have never laughed as hard as I did that day. I have been in mosques and churches where I told them that I was God. Each time they threw me out. Yes…. that is funny to me also. Although at the time I momentarily feared for my life. You see I have paid the price for free will. I have paid the price for freedom. I used to think that freedom was the most important thing but I came to understand that free will is more important than freedom and if freedom has a price then free will is priceless.  You see… humans do not know freedom or free will. If they did they would be a God. The human being is a peculiar creature. He is a creature that is caught in a cycle of perpetual ignorance. He is psychotic, violent, suicidal, greedy and  extremely ignorant. Each new device he creates hastens his own demise and while he believes he is getting closer to freedom….closer to becoming God…. he is unwittingly becoming even more of a slave… and not just a slave but a robot. He speaks volumes but his words have no weight…. no context… no reality. He is an arrogant fool jumping for joy with each new toy… each new toy that he really doesn’t even understand. He thinks his inventions are the products of his own intelligence. How else would God ( a being (s) higher than man) usurp his slaves efforts than to make him think that he has free will? Look around. Do you think animals have free will? Don’t you know that man is an animal? Oh yeah…man thinks he’s special. He is by far more of a slave than any wild animal. If man has free will then what is enlightenment? Every thing man does…. everything man thinks is already written. Man is nothing. Free will… the operative word is “will”. Will is power. Will allows one to cause floods or tsunamis etc (with his mind… his will). Will is the ability to manifest ones desires. You know… to will something into existence like God?  So called conscious people running around talking about “the power is within…. manifest whatever”etc… these children really think that if someone discovered the power within they’d be concerned with manifesting a relationship or some earthly kind of success? Such is the state of affairs for the so called human. They are equipped with brains but no minds and this is one of their scientific facts…Lol? I could fill volumes breaking down the divine comedy called life on earth.

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